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What kinds of places does TripAdvisor list?

TripAdvisor lists permanent places of interest to travelers. As long as we can verify that a business or place of interest adheres to our guidelines, we will add it to our site.

To view our listing guidelines, please select the type of place you are interested in:

  • Accommodations: include hotels, B&Bs/Inns, or Specialty Lodging (does not include vacation rentals)
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Things to Do: include permanent places of interest, including one-day tours
  • Vacation rentals: We partner with and to list vacation rentals on TripAdvisor. At this time, you must visit one of those two sites to get your vacation rental listed.

Please note: we don't currently list travel agencies, online booking sites, cruises, or multi-day tours.

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