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Things to Do listing guidelines

Basic Requirements

Things to Do on TripAdvisor must meet the following criteria:

A Permanent Attraction/Point Of Interest (POI) is a permanent place in nature or one that is man-made that travelers may visit. Permanent Attractions/Points of Interest must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must have an official name and a permanent address
  • Must be open and available to the general public
  • Must be open for at least 12 consecutive weeks of the year

Exception: Performances must operate at one venue for at least 24 consecutive weeks of the year. Examples include, but are not limited to: shops, museums, nature areas, statues, and more. To sign up as a Permanent Attraction/Point Of Interest, go here:

Suppliers can be tour operators, organizers, agencies, individuals, or businesses that operate tours, activities, classes, cruises, and experiences for travelers. To sign up as a supplier, click here. Products listed must meet the TripAdvisor Experiences Product Guidelines.


The following do NOT qualify to be listed as Things to Do:

  • Cities, towns, or airports
  • Events, festivals, or other short-term things to do submitted by users
    • Note: Some events are listed on TripAdvisor, but they are editorially selected.
  • Businesses or clubs that require an application or membership to join/use the facilities
  • Chain stores (except the flagship location)
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