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What can I do if I submitted my review for the wrong place or airline?

Don't worry - if you submit a review for the wrong accommodation, airline, restaurant, or attraction, we can easily fix it!

To contact us about a review that appears on the wrong location:

  1. Go to the User Review Support page.
  2. Under the "What action do you want to take?" dropdown menu, select "Review in wrong location."
  3. You can then select one of your reviews under the "Which review?" dropdown menu. Once you've located the review, click the green "Change property" button that appears below the selected review. 
  4. Finally, search for the accommodation, airline, restaurant, or attraction that you meant to review, select it, and click the "Submit" button.

Once our editors have your request we'll happily correct this review for you. The review should appear on the location you selected within a day or so. 


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