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What constitutes irrelevant content?

Please do not post any content that is not relevant to trip planning and research.

  • Reviews for trips or customer service experiences must be submitted within a year of experience. Reviews for vacation rentals are accepted for the current calendar year, and the two calendar years prior. Vacation rental reviews must be based on a stay of 90 days or less.
  • No insulting language that is irrelevant to customer service (such as hurtful physical descriptions or name-calling). Do not attempt a smear campaign by taking extreme efforts to damage the reputation of a brand or individual, or by inciting the community to do the same.
  • No personal political, ethical, or religious opinions, discussion or commentary in reviews.
  • No disparaging comments about other reviews, reviewers or management responses.
  • Names are permitted in reviews.  As a courtesy, we may remove the last name upon request.
  • No questions directed to TripAdvisor users (including property representatives). Try our forums for help with travel-related questions.
  • No comments directed to TripAdvisor staff or about TripAdvisor policies. Questions for TripAdvisor staff should be submitted via the Help Center and will not be posted as reviews.
  • TripAdvisor will not publish reviews written in an attempt to obtain money or services from a property owner, in exchange for withholding or offering to remove a negative review.
  • We do not post comments containing reports of fraud. However, we do take accusations of fraud seriously and would appreciate you using the “Report Problem with Review” feature, located at the bottom of each review, to alert our investigations team.

Further requirements for traveler photos:

  • No photos, images, or materials that have no relevance to the accommodation, attraction, restaurant, location or general travel experiences
  • No duplicate photos.
  • No irrelevant or unhelpful photo captions.


Individuals are prohibited from using the TripAdvisor name, platform, or claiming affiliation to TripAdvisor in any way to obtain discounted or free goods and services or special considerations which are not available to the general public at large.  Individuals may be banned from contributing to TripAdvisor if found to be in violation of this policy.

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