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What happens if a business is found to have fraudulent reviews?

If we determine that there are fraudulent reviews submitted for a business, there are several possible consequences:

  • A business's ranking may drop in the TripAdvisor popularity index. This will cause the business to appear later in a list of similar businesses, meaning the business in question could appear on the fourth page of results instead of the first, for example.
    Details of property rankings are handled on a case-by-case basis and are proprietary.
  • The property will no longer be eligible for recognition in the form of TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice awards, Top 10 lists, press releases, etc.
  • A large red penalty notice, explaining that the property's reviews are suspicious, may appear on the listing page. We post these warnings rather than removing the business from the site entirely because the notice gives travelers the information they need to protect themselves and make the best choice possible.




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