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How can I fix technical problems with my widget?

If your widget is broken or not displaying properly, check these troubleshooting tips for help:

  • Make sure the code has not been modified. If you have modified the code, re-copy it from your TripAdvisor Widget Center and paste the non-modified version into your web page. Changing the HTML code may cause the widget to malfunction.
  • Make sure that the code was pasted into the source code of your web page, not the displayable/visual version.
  • Make sure that the page you are posting the widget on contains valid HTML code.
  • Check all code to make sure tags are closed.
  • Make sure there are no line breaks in the script tags.
  • Make sure that the widget code includes a "div" tag followed by a "script" tag.
  • Make sure the script tag has the "&lang=" parameter, as this can become corrupted and converted to a left angle bracket.
  • Free widgets are also supported on HTTPS/secure pages.

For complete instructions about how to find and use TripAdvisor widgets, please refer to our Insights guide.

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