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What are airline reviews?

In addition to thousands of accommodations, restaurants and attractions, you can now review your experiences on more than 350 airlines on TripAdvisor! Here are some details:

  • How can I review an airline?

In the main “Write a Review” menu, there is a new choice for Airlines

  • Which airlines can I review?

Please check all our airline listing pages at

  • What if there is an airline missing that I’d like to review?

If we’re missing an airline you’d like to review, please email us at - we’ll reply to your email. If the airline meets our criteria of a passenger transport service, we’ll have it up on the site for you to review and notify you by email.

  • What should an airline review include?

Airline reviews should contain reviews of a single airline’s product or services experienced (note that a trip involving multiple carriers should have an individual review per airline);

Airline reviews should contain experiences only within the last 12 months;

An airline review may include one leg of a trip or multiple so long as on the same airline;

An airline review should be on the airline that you actually flew (not any marketed code share airline). For example, if your flight number was American Airlines AA1234 but the flight was actually operated by British Airways, write your review on British Airways. ;

An airline review should include helpful information for other members to understand the product and services experienced and ultimately make an informed traveling decision.

  • What should an airline review NOT include?

Airline reviews should NOT contain content on travel agencies, including online travel agencies (OTAs), since Airline Reviews are about the airline’s direct services;

Airline reviews should NOT contain commentary about package components such as ground transport or hotel. Please write a hotel or attraction review for non flight experiences;

Airline reviews should NOT contain discussions on mileage programs, including redemption. These are most helpful within the Forums and not in individual airline reviews;

Airline Reviews should NOT feature questions about or to airlines – these are best kept within the forums for our community to discuss. 

  • Are airline reviews eligible for airline mileage promotions?

No. Reviews for airlines are not eligible for points with any TripAdvisor mileage for reviews program

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