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What is an airline review?

  • An airline review should substantially cover your experience with an airline. This can include purchasing the ticket from the airline’s website, reservation centre or ticket office; check-in or lounge experience provided by the airline; onboard experience; arrival and baggage claim; follow-up to any customer service issues after the flight.
  • An airline review must substantially detail an experience with an airline and not a frequent flyer program or non flight products that might have been packaged with a flight such as hotel, tour or land transfer.
  • Reviews about an experience with a travel agency or online travel agent should not be part of an airline review. Airline reviews are about your direct experiences with an airline.
  • The review should be for the operating carrier that you flew. For example, if your flight was marketed as American Airlines AA1234 but it was actually operated by British Airways, write a review on British Airways.
  • An airline review may include just an individual leg of a flight (e.g. London to Boston) or the review may cover your entire return experience with an airline (e.g. London to Boston to London) if operated by the same airline. If you had multiple stops, your review may also include these legs if it is with the same airline. If your trip included multiple airlines, write an individual review for each airline.
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