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Things to Do categories

If a place or business meets our Things to Do listing guidelines, it may display in multiple categories:

Boat Tours & Water Sports include tours and experiences that involve boating, paddling, surfing, diving, and other water-related activities.

Casinos & Gaming include casinos, dog tracks, and horse tracks.

Classes & Workshops include experiences led by a teacher or guide where people can learn, make, or build something in one day at a permanent location. Any item made during the class must be available to the customer on that same day.

  • If the customer must come back at a later date to pick up the item or if the item is shipped to the customer, the class does NOT quality to be listed.

Concerts & Shows include long-running shows at a permanent location. This includes plays, ballets, symphonies, operas, theater companies, and the theaters or venues where performances are held.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed:
    • Performances operating less than 24 consecutive weeks of the year
    • Traveling shows or shows on tour, which continuously move from one venue to another venue

Food & Drink includes wineries, breweries, pub crawls, food tours, cooking classes, and farmers markets. (If the property serves food, you can request it as a restaurant instead.)

Fun & Games covers a range of activities, including (but not limited to) go-karts, bowling alleys, movie theaters, mini-golf, indoor rock climbing, live-escape games, and shooting ranges.

Museums include art, history, science, local interest, specialty, and archival museums.

Nature & Parks include mountains, beaches, caves, parks, and geologic formations.

Nightlife includes bars and clubs. Bars include all types of bars where people go for drinks (if the bar serves food, you can request it as a restaurant instead). Clubs include dance clubs and comedy clubs.

Outdoor Activities cover a range of outdoor experiences and places, including (but not limited to) treks, bike tours, horseback riding, scuba diving, hot air balloon rides, ski areas, parks, golf courses, and beaches. Gear rentals may qualify to be listed; allowed rentals include bicycles, skis, snowboards, snowmobiles, surfboards, boats, kayaks, segways, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, or specialty/classic/sports cars.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed:
    • Blood sports (see our animal policy)
    • Multi-day surf camps
    • Car rentals
    • Rentals of electronic equipment (cell phones, tablets, GPS units, etc.)
    • Rentals of personal items (baby strollers, beach umbrellas, cameras, etc.)

Shopping should have specific interest to travelers. This includes malls, specialty stores, antique stores, gift shops, and flea or street markets.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed:
    • Chain stores (we only list the flagship store)
    • Individual stores in a mall (we list the mall itself)
    • Stores whose primary business is for local shoppers, e.g. grocery, clothing, hardware, gardening centers
    • Stores where the majority of merchandise is large and must be shipped to shopper, e.g. furniture, farming equipment

Sights & Landmarks cover a range of notable points of interest, including (but not limited to) monuments, statues, boardwalks, architecturally significant buildings, religious sites, ancient ruins, and historical sites.

Tours includes tour operators, organizers, agencies, individuals, or businesses that operate tours, activities, classes, cruises, and experiences for travelers.

Spas & Wellness includes traditional spa facilities (with massages or facials), gyms or health clubs with day passes, and yoga or Pilates studios with drop-in classes. Gyms or health clubs must offer day passes to travelers and not sample passes designed to promote joining a private club or signing up for membership.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed:
    • Gyms that require membership
    • Hair and nail salons
    • Multi-day yoga retreats
    • Mobile massage services

Transportation includes taxi services, ferries, trams, limos, public transportation systems, private shuttles, and other non-guided options.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed:
    • Car rentals
    • Ride-share companies

Traveler Resources include visitor centers, libraries, health clubs and other facilities that provide information and services to travelers.

Water & Amusement Parks include permanent, large-scale water parks, amusement parks, and theme parks.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed in Water & Amusement Parks. We list them in Fun & Games instead:
    • Children's play centers
    • Public swimming pools

Zoos & Aquariums include include places where people can go to see or to interact with animals.

  • The following do NOT qualify to be listed in Zoos & Aquariums. We list them in Nature & Parks instead:
    • Farms with animals to pet
    • Animal rehabilitation centers
    • Other properties which are not formal zoos or aquariums
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