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Quick Bites and Specialty Food Markets

What exactly did we change?

We added two new Establishment Type categories for places to eat: Quick Bites and Specialty Food Markets.


Why did we add these new establishment types?

When we make changes and enhancements to the site, we take a number of factors into consideration, including feedback from restaurant owners, feedback from diners, trends in the sector and machine learning.

We’ve heard from users that the categories weren’t entirely clear in the past, since the kind of diner who is looking for something quick, like a sandwich from a deli, won’t necessarily want to sit down and linger over a meal.

These new categories better match specific experiences diners are looking for and help them know exactly what to expect.


Which are the basic requirements to belong to these new categories?

Quick Bites: Restaurants that fall into the “Quick Bites” category are quick service, fast food, or minimal service style restaurants. Essentially, any establishment that focuses on quick and speedy delivery of food. Note that this does not imply that they’re low quality, just that they are less formal dining locations. Think legendary sandwich places or burger joints known for their hamburger quality.

A Quick Bites restaurant can include some (but not all) characteristics like these;

  • A limited menu.
  • Where a customer orders at a counter or pays before receiving their order.
  • Where a server does not seat you or bring you the bill after your meal.
  • Food is cooked in bulk in advance and kept hot, finished and packaged to order, and usually available for take away.
  • With limited seating.
  • Primarily a take out/take away establishment.
  • Drive through or pick up windows.
  • Clearing of the tables by the consumer.

Specialty Food Market: Restaurants that fall into the “Specialty Food Markets” category mainly encompass grocery stores. These types of locations offer raw ingredients, grocery items, or specialty items. For example, markets offering fine meats and cheeses. They might also include convenience stores or bodegas, but generally places with unique and high value food items often in small quantities from high quality ingredients.


How does this change the way diners find these types of places to eat on TripAdvisor?

  • The initial list of places to eat in your geo will focus on full-service restaurants. Diners may use the Establishment Type filter to include Quick Bites and Specialty Food Markets in their search list.
  • Diners using a “Nearby” filter will automatically see a mix of establishment types including Restaurants, Quick Bites and Specialty Food Markets.
  • Diners searching by cuisine type will also see a mix of establishment types. For example, a diner searching for “Mexican food in Boston” will see a ranked list which includes both full-service Restaurants and Quick Bites.


What if I think an establishment is in the wrong category?

We are slowly rolling these changes out across the entire site and everything should be correctly categorized soon.

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