How do I print my Saved Trips?

Your saved trips page is your personal travel-planning center, where you can organize all the accommodations, restaurants, attractions, forum posts, and other items you have saved from around the site.

Group your saved items into trips to create travel itineraries, craft a bucket list, or record places you need to review.

On your saved trips page, you can:

  • View your saved items on a map for easy travel planning
  • Group your saves into trips using the Add new trip button and Saved Trips dropdown menu
  • Add notes to any saved item in the My notes section to jog your memory


Any items you collect will stay in your Saved Trips until you choose to delete them.

You can always find your saved trips under Your TripAdvisor at the top of every page.

For more information about how to save hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other items, see our instructions, or check out our tips to organize saved items.


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